Best game of the year by the Habs. Very impressive. After Vegas got their goal I was of course a nervous wreck but any outsider would be calm I think.

Let’s get that 4th win!

Glad Habfans is back!
How do you like them apples??
Habs in the Finals !!!!!!
How improbable was that?
Price has found his game
Defense around him more than not has been good and better as the playoffs have moved along
Pierre Lebrun said early in the playoffs that Caufield shouldn’t be brought up for playoffs and needed to play in minors for this season - too much pressure would be put on him to help offense ! LoL what a Dummy!!!!
I’m enjoying this !!! Still thrilled that the Laffs got booted out !!!
What a Miracle!!! I’ve made some good soonias up to now betting Habs
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